Deeper Reasons For Allergies: Exploring The Emotional And Energetic Roots

Did you know that you can heal from allergies? It can be hard to believe after having a condition for so long, but it’s true. I wrote a post awhile ago talking about my personal experience with allergies and what I did to resolve them. What I’m sharing with you today though, is the DEEPER reasons for allergies. And I’m talking about all forms of allergies, not just seasonal.

There are often energetic, emotional, and spiritual roots to any chronic condition. Considering the root cause is the extra step you can take to benefit your health long-term.

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Before we dive in, I just want to clarify that I’m not saying that just because there’s a deeper root to allergies that you should abandon your current method of treating it.  Definitely talk to your health care provider, especially if your allergies are serious. 

Even if you have life-threatening allergies where anaphylaxis is a possibility, it’s still worthwhile to consider that there’s an additional way to support yourself!

Now that we have that cleared up, let’s take a step back and look at what’s happening when you have an allergic reaction.

Symptoms For Allergic Reactions: Is Your Body Confused?

Your body becomes inflamed, become red, hot, and swell.  This reaction is triggered by the immune system because it perceives that something (allergen) is trying to enter which can harm you. 

Some people talk about allergies like the body is confused, over-reacting, or dysfunctional.  I completely disagree.  I believe that the body is always trying to protect, support, and communicate with you.

The body has this reaction to try to expel the allergen or perceived pathogen with an immune cascade and production of antibodies.  Once there’s antibodies and a histamine response, the body becomes even more perceptive to this threat and your symptoms of itching, swelling, rash, and inflammation become worse.  This can happen anywhere substances can enter the body: the nose, throat, lungs, ears, anywhere along the gut, and the skin.

Your body is taking great offense to something so the question then is: why? 

Why you? 

Why this substance? 

Not everyone experiences allergies, so it is definitely unique to the person having the reaction.

Let’s explore the 3 main reasons going from the physical to the more energetic and spiritual.

why the body has allergic reactions

3 Deeper Reasons For Allergies

1. Stress and Emotions Affecting Microbiome Imbalance

Healing the gut is one of the strategies I talked about in my previous blog post on allergies, but I didn’t go into details about why the microbiome and allergies are related. You’ll need to understand this first before taking into account how stress is involved. 

Beneficial bacteria and their waste, when they eat good quality food, produce a protective layer of mucus in our gut lining that keeps bacteria, viruses and food from entering our bloodstream.  However, when there’s an imbalance of beneficial gut flora, harmful microorganisms can remove the mucosal layer and make spaces in between the cells. This is the phenomenon called “leaky gut” which allows food and pathogens to enter the blood stream. 

Your body rightly perceives this as an invasion!  These substances are not supposed to be there.  Gut flora imbalance can be caused by eating too much sugar, pesticide/herbicide laden food, from antibiotics, vaccines, and many other toxic substances. 

To heal the gut, you need to do these 3 steps:

a. Remove those substances from your system

b: Heal the gut with gelatin or collagen

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c. Repopulate the gut with beneficial prebiotics and probiotics .

After Healing The Gut, Focus on Managing Stress

But even after that – even someone who has a very natural and clean diet can still develop allergies, and in that case we need to look deeper at stress! 

Stress hormones can cause gut flora imbalances and thereby damage the gut lining. Throwing off microbiome balance is REALLY EASY to do with stress! This is why you need to prioritize reducing stress as well as treat anxiety and overwhelm. Once you do, you’ll likely see your digestion improve and allergy symptoms get much better. 

self acupressure guide

Stress is an overreaction to the environment and the body is simply responding to the mind.  When the mind is calm, the body will follow and learn that it doesn’t need to fight everything.

stress is one of the deeper reasons for allergies

2. Organ and/or Channel Energy Imbalance. 

Energy imbalances are also deeper reasons for allergies. In TCM, allergies are related mainly to the Lung and Large Intestine, which create our Wei Qi or defensive energy.  So when these organs – and the channels that traverse them – are weak, then you may have a tendency toward developing allergies and other illnesses.  This can be constitutional, so you may have been born with this weakness. Or, it may have occurred because of poor lifestyle. 

If you want to address this imbalance, you’ll need to see a Chinese Medicine practitioner. Let them guide the treatment.  All 5 branches of TCM can help: Acupuncture, acupressure, herbs, dietetics, qigong and other energy healing styles. 

You need to get regular treatments though and it may take several months.  You cannot expect a quick fix and you need to make the appropriate changes to your lifestyle. 

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, I would love to see you in my Belmont office. Or, we can do virtual healing sessions from anywhere.  Email me at to talk about this further.

3. Spiritual Resistance 

I’ve heard many people talking about how spiritual resistance can be a deeper reason for allergies. In this article abstract on PubPed, the authors show how spiritual formation is helping people move beyond ego-centric tendencies that are related to allergic reactions.

I think it makes perfect sense! Someone who is resistant to receiving spiritual support & changing for the sake of having more loving relationships – may have resistance showing up in other forms.  So treating this resistance on a spiritual level – yielding to a higher power can also help you relax on other levels (such as allergic reactions). 

I have definitely noticed this within myself. When I am fully aligned with my authentic, spiritual nature, I am relaxed and healthy.  If you have really bad allergy symptoms, this is something you may want to consider. 

What else are you resisting?

Journal about this.  And if you want to go deeper, get spiritual support. 

I can certainly help you with this too in my holistic healing sessions.  I like to work from a shamanic angle which most people actually enjoy.  It makes the process of personal growth interesting. How satisfying it will be to resolved allergies and spiritual issues at the same time!

Let me know, friends if any of this rings true.  Do you agree with my three deeper reasons for allergies? Or do you feel there’s something else involved?

If you found this information helpful, please share this post with a friend who can use support.  I really appreciate it! 

Wishing you health, wealth, and happiness – always. 

mental, emotional, and spiritual reasons for allergies
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