Clear Away Stress With These Qigong Exercises {Video}

Did you know there is a way to experience the benefits of acupuncture on your own without any special tools or knowledge, by simply using movement and your imagination? It’s called Qigong, and it can be key in staying well season to season. Try the Qigong video below to clear stress from your day and to initiate healing!

Qigong or “Life energy skill” is one of the 5 branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It’s understood that all transformations in our life happen under the influence of Qi/energy: birth, aging, and death of everything within our world including humans, animals, water, wind, forests, deserts, rocks, etc.

Ancient masters developed Qigong techniques to help people live in harmony with their environment. They combined breathing techniques with movement, creative visualization, and intention to improve health and personal power.

Just like the healthy habit of purging your home of clutter before bringing in new furniture & other items, the same is true in our approach to self-regulating Qigong practices. You must clear stagnant and stale energy first, then add in new energy and regulate it so it’s smooth. You may experience stagnant energy as pain in the body, uncomfortable emotions, and a restless mind – what we also call STRESS!

“When living things start to lose their Qi, they lose their vitality”

– Jerry Alan Johnson, Ph.D. from Chinese Medical Qigong Therapy, Vol. 1

In the video below, I lead you through a very simple clearing Qigong protocol that is especially useful when you’re needing to wipe away the stress from your day. And if you’re interested in learning more Qigong practices, this protocol should be done first before including any others.

I hope you are able to integrate this practice into your daily routine! If you have any questions, please ask them in the comments…

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qigong exercises for stress
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