Chakra Meditation: Radiate Out What You Want to Attract

Would you like more success in your life, love, health, and business?  Want to attract the right partners and circumstances to make it so?  I have created a chakra meditation which will develop areas of your life that can bring you into balance energetically, attracting what you desire most.

Raising Your Vibration

While searching for mindset training to create more positivity in one’s life, I came across an Oprah Winfrey video. In ths Super Soul Sunday episode, she interviewed Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith.

What he says in the video about “raising your vibration” to manifest what you desire in life is nothing new if you’re familiar with The Law Of Attraction.  The way that he says it clicked with me differently though.  Now I understand on a much deeper level. You can watch it yourself in this short clip:

“You cannot have what you’re not willing to become,” are his words that struck me the most.

My understanding of his message is that you’re not just wishing for something positive to happen. You actually need to develop your heart and mind to a degree where you are fully able to appreciate and receive what you are wishing for. This is what is referred to as “matching the vibration”.

Using Chakra Meditation to Match and Attract a Vibration

So how exactly do we do that? There are methods in The Law Of Attraction such as this Manifestation Meditation that are great guides.

I like how my own mind is filling in the blanks on how to match our energy with what we desire though.

After watching the Oprah video, I went on a hike and then taught a meditation class at our local yoga studio. What came out of me, as I was processing and sharing, was the Chakra Meditation I have recorded for you below.

The chakras are 7 wheels of energy in Yogic subtle body anatomy that link up our physical, emotional, and mental nature. The 1st chakra is at the base of the torso, also connecting to the legs. The next 4 wheels are situated along the length of, yet in front of the spine. And the final 2 are in the head.

Chakra Development

In the 1st chakra we experience and develop basic human needs & characteristics as well as physical integrity (lower vibration). Each higher chakra develops more relational and worldly characteristics, culminating with the crown chakra that is said to connect with spirit, and when fully developed, where we find our place the universe.

By doing this meditation, you are mindfully filling in any gaps that may be present. This could be from past trauma, rocky parenting, or any unstable/stressful situation which may have resulted stunted emotional development. Usually, base or lower vibration chakras need to be developed and “matched” before you are able to lift yourself up to a higher vibration.

Guided Chakra Meditation

This meditation will help you feel more whole and connected. Once whole, you’ll be able to receive what you feel you truly deserve in this lifetime.

How did this meditation work for you? Please share your experience or offer suggestions in the comments!

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