Essential oils for back to school and other health tips

Back to school time can be both exciting and stressful.  But this year we have the added stress of Coronavirus, the policies around it, and shake ups in learning methods.  These can all challenge the whole family’s physical, mental, and emotional health.  The following natural health tips, including essential oils for back to school, can help you manage just about anything that comes up to help your family survive Fall 2020!

Check out Back to School Essential Oils and Health Tips to learn natural health tips for immune support, essential oils for digestion, how to detox naturally, mood lifting techniques, and how to keep your kids focused. I also share bits about my homeschool approach that may help build your confidence in teaching your kids at home.

Before settling in to watch this, you may want to first download my FREE Stress-Relieving Acupressure Guide for Moms which can be a huge support for you in these times! You’ll learn 6 of my favorite acupressure points to relieve physical tension and help you manage your emotions. As a result of this quick self-care routine, you’ll sleep much deeper which is so important for staying happy and healthy!

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A healthy lifestyle comes down to eating right, exercising, getting plenty of sleep, managing stress, reducing your toxic load, being able to stay positive & focused, and tending to your body when it’s ill with natural medicine. Essential oils have a place in all of these lifestyle principles.

Best Essential Oils and Natural Products for Back to School

Many of the protocols I mention in this video class are from the doTERRA collection here. I use them often for my family and recommend them for yours too!

doterra wholesale account starter kit back to school
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This starter kit features the Kid’s Collection which are seven roller bottle blends that are completely safe, super effective, and easy enough for kids to use themselves.

doTERRA kids collection kit rollers for back to school

I’d love to hear about the schooling choices that your family has made this year. Are you trying to adjust your lifestyle to make sure your family stays healthy and happy? Please tell me if any of these essential oils for Back to School help you!

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Written by Brandy Falcon
I help families manage modern health challenges by connecting them to traditional wisdom and healing practices.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE