August 2022 Energy Update and Divination Tarot Reading

Welcome to the month of August and our intuitive energy update!

I love doing energy updates for readers of our Falcon Healing Arts community!  The messages are interesting to contemplate, and help us improve ourselves and human spiritual evolution as well.

I do this through shamanic divination, intuitive guidance, and a tarot reading.  My focus is mainly on themes we can explore and read into on our own (vs. future predictions – though inevitably I see and share those too).

Sometimes people may see these themes as “negative”.  Usually these are topics people don’t want to look at or admit.  I’m seeing that more of this “shadow work” is necessary for us to move forward to a better place of self-acceptance and peace.

The biggest message coming through for August is around communication. Intention is becoming more important than actions or words as people are becoming more sensitive. 

This way of “waking up” is going to change expectations around honest interactions and policies on every level of society.

I also have a personal message for you to consider as events in your life unfold this month that I believe will be really helpful.

August 2022 Energy Update

I hope this gives you a lot to contemplate, process, and integrate help you feel more whole and peaceful.

Let me know what you think, in the comments below! And please share this post with any friends who can use this support.

Meditation can really help you with this integration and synthesis I talk about at the end of the video. You’re welcome to download the 3 Essential Meditations. In addition to all the major benefits of meditation, these sessions will balance your energy and help you transform!

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