Are You Indecisive? Look At The Deeper Meaning

Do you have trouble making decisions?  You may not realize it, but your decision making process can actually say a lot about the status of your energetic, mental, and emotional health. I want to share with you here the deeper meaning behind indecisiveness and how you can make changes that improve your health as well as your personal and spiritual growth.

What Does Indecision Mean For You On A Deeper Level? (YouTube video)

Is Indecision Is A Problem For You?

I have definitely had periods in my life when I’ve dealt with indecision. This is a common issue for humans, especially in these times when we’re exposed to so much information. It’s rare for me to sit in indecision though. I know that it’s an anomaly, and that there is something “off” energetically or emotionally within me.

Working through when I feel stuck has helped tremendously with my holistic health and personal growth. Now when I have clients or friends who are dealing with indecision that is staying around for a little too long, then I can see more clearly what might be under the surface in order to help them.

It’s all too easy for someone to say:

“I’m just an indecisive person”, or

“It’s because I have this or that going on in my life, I am so busy and that’s why I’m having such a hard time making a decisions”

They don’t realize that:

  • Those are excuses in some cases
  • With some digging they can get beyond indecision
  • There is something to heal beneath the surface.
  • They have been wasting precious time and can stop spinning
  • They can be creating more joy in their lives by making soul-aligned decisions

What Does Indecision Mean On A Deeper Level?

So what does your indecision mean for you? Here are three things that could be the cause, and a few ways to resolve it. Consider these honestly in order to get your self out of this rut and onto the road again following the life of your dreams.

Lack Of Personal Power and Self Trust

Your indecision may indicate a lack of personal power and a lack of self-trust.

Are you afraid to take responsibility for your decisions?

Is that what is holding you back?

Is it much easier to give away your power to someone else and let them make decisions for you?

I feel like a lot of people give away their power all too easily in our culture. We see this a lot in regard to health decisions and giving too much power to doctors. It could be that they really respect Western Medicine. However, I think it’s more that (a) patients are uncomfortable making their own health choices, and/or (b) they unconsciously want to place blame on the doctor (and not take responsibility for their personal choices) in case the decision is the “wrong” one.

Giving away power, asking for too much guidance – this can really happen in anywhere in your life though.

Are you getting too much business coaching?

Do you only make choices for yourself and family after consulting with friends?

Are you constantly deferring to someone else and giving them your power?

It’s definitely worth investigating this! Learn how to have more self leadership and be less of follower. People who are disempowered are more likely to have emotional issues. So you’ll avoid this as you increase your confidence.

You make the best decisions for yourself. Other people can give guidance, of course. A healthy way to receive coaching from someone who influences you is just to let it all come in, fully receptive to their ideas, but you just act on makes sense for you. This will come more easily as you learn to develop your intuition and self-trust.

I also love Human Design for this reason because there is a way that you can learn how to make decisions based on your “energy type”. Following your unique Human Design gives you a bit more framework and a guide that you can turn to, without relying on it too much. The point of it all is to develop self trust and following your own inner authority.

You’re Too Much In Your Head

Indecision can also mean that you are too much in your head. You’re using your logical mind more than your heart, and you can feel ungrounded and overwhelmed with ideas.

You might also worry about what this decision might mean in the future, and concern about all the possibilities. Perhaps you’re afraid you’ll fail? Or perhaps you’re afraid of success and how you’ll be able to cope with more activities and pressure?

If it seem like this is your issue you’re probably feeling a lot of anxiety in general. Anxiety is the state of mind that we all get into when we are focused way too much in our heads and on the future. To move beyond this we can learn how to trust that any decision that we make now is appropriate.

Again, get out of your head and into your heart instead. Sit with your fear or any intense emotions that you have. See if they transform. See if you can get into this state of relaxed equanimity where whatever happens is meant to happen and you are content with that.

There are so many tools that can help with this!

These are all methods of being present and sitting with your thoughts and emotions.

If you don’t already have a mindfulness practice that helps you to stay present, you may want to check out my 3 Essential Meditations. They can help you stay grounded, centered, and raise your awareness – the 3 energetic shifts that need to happen for personal transformation. You’ll love it!

grounding centering raising awareness audio guided meditations

Gallbladder Energy Imbalance

There’s one more thing indecisiveness can mean on a deeper level. It can mean you have an energy imbalance with the gallbladder meridian and/or organ from the perspective of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

This pulls everything we just talked about so far. Being too much in the head, anxious, fearful, not fully in your power – these are all indications of having a gallbladder energy imbalance from the perspective of TCM in addition to other items on the list below.

There are physical signs of this imbalance too. Notice if you have any on this list in addition to the emotional ones. It would be interesting for you to approach resolving your indecision from this perspective, which would be treating the true root of your condition.

It’s best to heal a Gallbladder TCM imbalance with a practitioner who can then teach you how to manage it at home. We do so with acupuncture, acupressure massage, yin yoga, herbs and other modalities I offer in my online healing sessions.

I hope you are now able to see the deeper meaning of your indecision and how you can resolve it. It takes honesty and the will to move beyond it.

If this article helped you, please share it with a friend. Comment below if you have questions or anything to add to what I shared here!

Well wishes…

the deeper meaning of your indecision
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Brandy Falcon L.Ac.

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