7 Reasons Why You May Need To Do Energy Cord Cutting and How

Have you heard about Energy Cord Cutting and wondered if it’s something you need or not?  I’m sharing the 7 reasons why you may need to do energy cord cutting and I’ll also share briefly how to do a cord cutting meditation by yourself.  I covered this topic before in my Free Your Authenticity Challenge, where I have an excellent guided cord cutting mediation for you.  But I want to highlight this topic again in much more detail because I feel so many people need it.  Perhaps you do too.

Video: 7 Reasons Why You May Need Energy Cord Cutting and How To Do It

What Are Energy Cords And Why Do They Need To Be Removed?

If you’re a follower of my blog , you probably resonate with energy work and understand that energy is the basis of everything.  It’s how we relate to each other and all the things around us.  But you may not realize how affected you are by other people’s energy. 

Some connections grow into cords – which you can think of as co-dependent connections.  In some cases this is healthy – like with parents and young children.  There needs to be this attachment and a strong energetic bond.  But oftentimes these energy cords can be unhealthy or dysfunctional (especially with other adults) and limit our experience of feeling independent and free.  

So if you want to experience the most joy in your life, to follow your own life path and also respect the right for other people in your life to have this freedom too, then it’s important to cut these cords on a regular basis. 

There’s a few ways you can do it, either by yourself or with an energy healer.  After we go through this list of the reasons why your may need energy cord cutting, I’ll talk about how to do it in the way that I feel is most effective.

I’ll be clearing up some misconceptions along the way as we go through this list.  The one thing I want to mention first is that energy cords do not just form with other individuals.  They can grow between you and a group, an organization, or with a substance.  So please keep that in mind as we go through this list.

7 Signs You Need Energy Cord Cutting

1. Toxic Relationships

The reason I see the most, that many people desire cord cutting for, is that they cannot completely disconnect from a toxic relationship. This is a bond that is harming you in some way. It could be a current romantic relationship or some other type that you’re having a hard time letting go of. It can also be one that is no longer physically present, but the energy is still there. Maybe you’re still thinking about that person all the time or they are constantly reaching out to you.

It’s hard to have your own space and to establish boundaries. You typically feel bad doing that for some reason – that it makes you feel unloving and unaccepting of the other person (even if you’re being abused!) Making excuses for the other person’s behavior keeps the energy cord strong.

Sometimes it may take another person telling you that you’re in a toxic relationship for you to see what’s actually happening. It (and most of the reasons I list here) points to a deficiency in personal power. You’ll need to consciously let go of this cord and any hooks that might be in you from this other person before you can start to feel that you have space and your power back.

2. You Don’t Have Your Own Identity

Your identity and sense of self may be wrapped up in someone else. This is where you might find that you are too linked up with an organization, a political party, or a team that identifies you. Without them, you feel less significant. The energy cord can also be related to a partner or spouse if they have an important role in the community and you feel that your identity is linked up with them. This role of being their significant other or belonging to a certain group may define you and your authentic self may be hidden or lost.

3. Addictive Behaviors

If you can’t imagine living without someone or something in your life then too much of your personal power is connected to them. There is a cord preventing you from having sovereignty, from being in control. If this speaks to you, then you may want to consider working with a practitioner to help you release the cord. The immense emotional investment you have in this connection can make you feel depressed and empty when you try to heal the addictive behaviors. So having someone watch over your progress is a very good idea. They can also help you process what is happening underneath the addiction, and to identify the root of it.

4. You’re Easily Manipulated

It’s likely you have an energy cord if you’re easily influenced or manipulated by others. You may feel like you have less control in your life and that they are directing it for you. This is where there’s not just a bond in between you but it’s more like a hook in you, like they’re dragging you along. To get your personal power back and feel sovereign within yourself, you’ll need to release that hook and dissolve the energy bond.

5. Energetically Drained

Feeling energetically or physically drained and getting sick a lot is a symptom of power loss in Shamanism. And it can also be evident of having an unhealthy energy cord. You’ve heard of energy vampires and narcissists, right? While there are certainly people who can take advantage of you, the problem is with your lack of power and boundaries. The solution is removing the energy cord and building your power again so you can feel whole, complete, and experience true health.

6. Stuck In The Past

Are you constantly thinking about a person from your past or an event that happened long ago? This obsession with the past keeps you from living fully in the here and now. If you feel you can’t be fully present, there may be an energy cord linked to the past person or event. This can also be wrapped up and mingled with the other reasons I’ve already mentioned such as toxic relationships, lack of identity, and more. I mention being stuck in the past as separate in case you notice this more than the others (which require a lot more self-reflection).

7. You’re Having Nightmares

This may be surprising, but having bad dreams or recurring dreams can also indicate that you have an energy cord with the spirit of another person. I have a separate video on what nightmares mean that you may want to check out. Try not to brush it off if you’re having bad dreams often. I know a lot of people don’t take their dreams seriously, but this is a very strong cue that you are too linked up with someone else. You would benefit from this deeper energetic work to regain your autonomy with the plus of sleeping easier at night.

Preparing To Release Energy Cords

If you feel that one of these reasons or signs applies to you, then I highly recommend you do cord cutting.  But first, it’s a good idea to consider – why you have this cord in the first place.  It is serving you in some way.  

There are many reasons why someone is reluctant to cut cords and it’s understandable when there’s hesitation.  Your heart definitely needs to want this. It needs to be a conscious decision – otherwise it may not work or it may not be complete. And for that reason, I suggest doing a cord cutting meditation.  Bringing mindfulness into this ritual can help you gain wisdom from the experience and grow.  

Even though I do cord cutting in my energy healing sessions with clients when it’s needed, I always guide them through the cord cutting meditation first.  They need to participate, at least initially. Then in future sessions I can do the work as just a touch up in case there’s still some residue of the energy cord. 

Doing the meditation first makes the process more effective.  We can continue to talk about the reasons why they have the cords and assess whether they’re really letting go.  Otherwise the longing and desire they have to maintain the connection will make the cords grow back. 

The Problem With Some Energy Cord Cutting Methods

If you are ready to release energy cords, what is the most effective way?

When I first started learning about energy cord cutting this was the most popular method I would hear about: Visualize yourself and the other person sitting across from you. See or feel the cord in between you. Then you cut it with energetic shears and imagine that that energy returns to each person.

The issue with this is that there’s still the unhealthy root with each person that made them form the cord in the first place. It’s returned to them without altering it, so what’s to say it won’t happen again? Also, if you or the other person are very sensitive, actually cutting the energy cord can feel very harsh and disruptive.

I’ve also heard energy healers talk about yanking cords out (so taking the root too). But again, this can be even more disruptive to sensitive people. Plus, it could actually leave energetic holes. Holes will be filled by something. And that something could be another cord to another person or to an addictive substance.

The Most Effective Way To Release Energy Cords

My favorite way to clear cords is to use light and Source energy to actually push the cords out from you. So as you’re releasing these cords within you, you’re actually being filled up with Source energy and this re-establishes your power. The holes are filled with this essence.

I simply ground first, establishing a root down into the Earth. Then I connect up to the heavens above. I imagine that the sun, moon, stars, all the celestial essence and source energy is being combined into a compact white ball of light. Next, I visually move the light through me, through the core of my being and push out any obstructions along the way. I like to pause at the chakra regions. Since they are aligned with a certain development within us and a way that we express ourselves in the world, it’s interesting to note if there’s an unhealthy cord there to another person or entity.

Just make note of where you’re feeling stuck, where you need to spend more time to push out cords and other blockages and fill up with the Source energy. You’ll be getting a lot of information that will help prevent energy cords from happening again.

I usually bring the ball of white light down several times until I feel that it moves much easier. You should feel light and free again. Definitely write about this experience in your journal so you don’t forget what you noticed.

Cord Cutting Guided Meditation

If you need help focusing, you can do my guided meditation here: Cord Cutting Ritual & Releasing Attachments

Add it to your saved list on YouTube and you can do it as much as you feel you need to.

While you’re watching, consider signing up for the whole Free Your Authenticity Challenge. You’ll get emails for each of the five days sent straight to your inbox. I got a lot of great feedback from the people who did this challenge live in 2022, and I know that you will experience a lot of benefits from it too.

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Let me know what you think, friends, by sharing in the comments below. Do you have any energy cords? Have you done this work before? Did it help you? I’d love to know if you’re wanting to share. Well wishes to you!

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