7 Awesome Results From My Detox Cleanse Program

We all have our own reasons for doing a diet and lifestyle detox cleanse program.  Personally, I want to get to the root of some unpleasant symptoms, bring my autoimmune thyroid condition back into remission, reduce inflammation, and manage my weight better. 

I developed Nourish To Heal after years of trying many detox programs and elimination diets.  After 12 days into it, I can say that it’s definitely worth the time and effort  because of all the positive results I’ve noticed.

If you’re on the fence about doing such a program, you may want to read on and/or watch the video below.  I hope that it will inspire you to commit to yourself, making longterm changes that can benefit your life on all levels.

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In the Nourish To Heal program, I suggest that participants keep a daily journal. We’re eliminating processed foods, sugar, alcohol, gluten and caffeine (and optionally dairy, corn, and soy as well). In the journal, you’ll note meals eaten and any symptoms that come up while eliminating the inflammatory foods just mentioned. I ask that you note any social events and how you’re feeling emotionally too.

This daily diary is important to see how you’re progressing and if it’s worthwhile to continue, for I really believe that it’s healing for people to be eating like this MOST of the time!

That was my case.

So even though there’s an initial commitment of a week, I will be sticking to it for at least a month and possibly longer if I continue to progress.

Here’s what I’ve noticed about myself so far, 12 days into the program. The results positively impacted me on more layers than just my body. Read on if this interests you!

7 Of My Personal Detox Cleanse Program Results

1. Inflammation Culprits Identified!

Since my diet is already pretty clean, there’s less puzzle-work to get to the root. The major changes for me in this cleanse were to remove ALL processed junk food that contain inflammation-inducing polyunsaturated vegetable oils. I also omitted dairy and all added sugar. Everything else I keep out of my diet on a regular basis, and I only eat organic foods.

Just with those changes I’m losing some water weight. I’ve also noticed that I’m not as achy in the mornings when I wake up. Plus, my digestion and elimination is way quicker, easier, and has made my body feel light and free!

2. I Know What My Food Addiction Is

Now just because I have less to work to remove foods in the dietary portion of this cleanse does not mean it has been easy for me! I am acknowledging that I have an addiction to dairy, especially cheese. I love the flavor, the texture, and that it’s so easy to snack on! But being that it is likely one of the culprits causing the inflammation and disrupting my digestion, I am happy to take it out, at least temporarily, until I feel like I can bring it back in to test in small amounts without gorging.

This has also made me be more careful having healthy snack foods around the home. There’s plenty of nuts, dips, veggies like carrots & celery, and fruit that I can easily nibble on when I’m hungry in between meals.

I highly recommend you do a cleanse like this not only to free up your body, but to help create more healthy habits that include confronting addictions.

3. Stress Made My Symptoms Temporarily Worse

I made the mistake of doing too much during this cleanse. There are no mistakes though, only life lessons! And the big lesson here was that it’s best to just focus on myself doing something like this and not trying to lead a cleanse for the first time when doing it! I had a viral breakout on my lips and felt very run-down for a few days as a result. But it forced me to slow down and not obsess over adding content to the cleanse program. It got done, just a little behind schedule.

So you may want to take note too! It’s best to do this cleanse, at least the first week, when you don’t have much else going on. And make sure you’re prepared!

4. Lifestyle Cleansing Was Helpful For My Home And Finances

The fine-focus on my diet also helped me see more clearly other areas of my life that felt clogged and unpleasant. I noticed the clutter around the home and was able to commit to making small changes every day to clear it. I also created more movement around my finances to get my taxes organized so there’s less work for me later. I did some reflection on my business as well and committed to focusing on certain aspects while letting go of what hasn’t been working. All of these areas of my life now feel like they have greater flow and fresh energy around them.

5. Social Media Detox Came Naturally

The journal work in this program helped me to stay in-tune with my emotions. With this mindfulness, I felt less compelled to listen to political news shows that often get my blood boiling. I temporarily stopped listening to a few people on Instagram (again, who have inflammatory messages). And I got very quiet on my own social media channels.

This lull helped me see clearly that what I’m consuming through my eyes and ears is just as important as what I’m eating. It felt so good to have a healthy break from social media, I almost made the decision to stop building my business there altogether. But instead, I just decided to start posting again in a more healthy way. Now, I’m only going on to post content and engage a bit, not get sucked down any rabbit holes. And I’m still only engaging with other people’s content if it makes me feel good.

6. I’m More Emotionally & Energetically Free

The journal work also helped me to see how I was holding on to other people’s emotions and energy. This happens to “empaths”, and especially body & energy workers. Even those who are aware that it can occur are not always mindful of what “belongs” to them or not. I incorporated clearing exercises and essential oil protocols to help me consciously cut any energetic cords connected to others.

If you have similar issues and want to learn how to release them, reach out to me and I can help you.

7. I Learned I Want To Continue To Help Myself & Others This Way

Overall, this has been a very helpful and enjoyable experience! I love how focusing on my personal holistic health is helping me be a better guide for others. This program is now complete and available for anyone to purchase. I’d love to help you out as you go through it. But I’m also opening up some spots for health coaching too since I’m exploring an interest in that direction. Feel free to sign up for a free 15 minute call if you’re interested in working with me!

Have you done a cleansing program before? What did you learn about yourself? Did you make an permanent changes because of it? I’d love to hear more – please share in the comments!

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