5 Natural, Easy Ways Soothe Your Sore Throat At Home

One of the first possible signs of the common cold or flu is a sore, ticklish, or scratchy throat. Instead of thinking “Oh no! Here we go!” and resigning yourself to a week of discomfort, you can thank your body for this helpful clue as it’s the best time to change the course of the illness! Try these natural sore throat home remedies (along with lots of water, broth, and rest) you’ll likely to be back to your perky self in just a few days!


1. Gargle with warm salt water

Most microorganisms that like to invade our body do not do well in a high saline environment. You can flush them out of your throat and prevent the spread of the illness by gargling with salt water.


Dissolve 1 teaspoon of sea salt in 1/4 cup of warm salt water and gargle several times a day until your throat feels better.


2. Rinse your nose with warm salt water

Ancient yogis knew that cleansing the nostrils was a great way to not just purify our vital energy pathways, but to defend the body against pathogens as well. The nose and mouth are the first places for microorganisms to enter the body. Sometimes, a sore throat can be the result of post-nasal drip from the nose. It’s a good idea to keep the nose clear when you’re first getting sick (also a great way to prevent illness!)


Use a saline nasal spray you can pick up from your local health food store.


Use a neti pot to rinse your nose the traditional way. See this post for more information including video instruction.


3. Drink licorice root tea

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, licorice root (Gan cao) is one of the most commonly use herbs for wellness. It is indicated for sore throats and also moistens the lungs, easing cough. So even if the illness continues and moves into the lungs, drinking this tea will continue to provide comfort.


You can buy whole licorice root in bulk or in tea bags. Here are 2 organic sources that I recommend:


Buddha teas

Wellness Naturals (bulk) tea


4. Eat local raw honey

Honey can immediately soothe your sore throat and help to fight off infection. I use this on a very temporary basis though since too much sugar can actually create gut flora imbalance which will compromise your immune system in the long run.


It’s best to eat raw honey which retains all the phytonutrients, enzymes, and vitamins that make it such a powerful, protective agent. Of course honey should not be given to children under the age of 1 to prevent possible botulism infection (although rare).


5. Use therapeutic grade essential oils

Essential oils are especially beneficial for viral infections because of their ability to penetrate our cell membranes, where viruses like to reproduce. They can be applied to the front of the neck, the spine, and the soles of the feet to improve your immune health systemically. But you’ll also experience relief if you use them internally with one of the methods already mentioned (garling with salt water, in tea, or with honey, but NOT putting them in your nose with the saline rinse).


Only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils can be taken internally. These are the best essential oils for a sore throat:


Wild Orange


Protective Blend


It’s a good idea to have all these materials in your home so you’re prepared the next time you get sick!


If you have a natural remedy for a sore throat that’s not mentioned here, let us all know in the comments! Well wishes for good health!


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